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About Mind Body Moment

Mind Body Moment is run by Janet Drake: a lifelong student reinventing herself as she finds new challenges and inspirations, especially those she can share.

My 1st passion is dance

My Dad, who never took a formal lesson in his life, actively encouraged me to dance and when I started ballet lessons at the age of 8 years old, he was thrilled.

I went to Elmhurst Ballet School from the ages of 11 to 18.

I wanted to have some stage experience before opening up my own dance schools, so on leaving Elmhurst I danced professionally in Germany, Spain and the UK.

Family Life & Private Sector

As a petulant, and slightly larger than I should be, young adult, I took a slight detour from my ambition while family life and working in the private sector took over.

I worked my way up the “career” ladder to become a Project Manager in London gaining an MBA (Master of Business Administration) with the Open University, along the way.

But after 10 years of commuting and 2 redundancies a much-needed review of my life was required.

Janet Drake

Janet Drake

Self-Employment (1)

Becoming self-employed I selected the Health & Nutrition business, which I stuck at for 7 years.

While taking time out to manage the situation with and for my parents, who were both suffering with dementia until their passing, I looked once more at Dance and how I could develop a business.

I was then in my 50’s.

Self-Employment (2)

I created FunDancing in October 2010.
FunDancing is Dance Fitness for adults; I adapt a number of dance styles into routines, ranging from simple to follow to slightly more challenging but all to fun familiar music, and all with the emphasis on FUN.

Dance Training Revisited

In 2010 I took up Latin & Ballroom Dancing, and was soon persuaded to take ISTD Medallist exams and enter competitions, which I still do, though the frequency has slowed. 

The need for Fitness ...

.... has meant that I have attended many different fitness classes; e.g. Aerobics, Step, Body Pump.... but Yoga and Pilates have featured more heavily than the rest in my daily workouts.

Why do I want to teach Pilates & Yoga?

Teaching FunDancing, and becoming more aware of my own ageing process, I needed to focus more on maintaining body strength, core stability and all the other good things that Pilates & Yoga provide.
It was then that I started to look for a suitable teachers training courses in either or both, so that I could understand more.
The Solomon Yogalates Method kept matching my search criteria and, after working with their videos, I signed up to their Teachers Training Course.  Almost a year later and, after a very intensive two-week practicum, I qualified as a Yogalates Teacher (Sept 2017). 
The safety of the style, and the wonderful feeling of being so in tune with myself; body & mind, as I work through the vast array of exercises, poses, meditations and breathing techniques, inspired me to share this method with others.
I look forward to a brighter fitter and healthier future of continual discovery and to sharing this valuable discovery with those who want to experience it too. 
Janet Drake

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