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Class Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions relate to the Courses and Classes (henceforth known as Session) provided by Mind Body Moment.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they relate to the purchase of any Session, your attendance to any Session purchased, and communication with Mind Body Moment.

These Terms and Conditions form part of Mind Body Moment’s Registration process thus when signing the declaration on Mind Body Moment's registration form you are effectively agreeing to these terms and conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to amendment from time to time, the latest edition will be denoted by the date at the foot of these Class Terms & Conditions.



Sessions are subject to availability.  Mind Body Moment will always do their utmost to provide your booked and prepaid for session.

Non-availability of sessions may be subject to changes outside of Mind Body Moment’s control, such as:

  • Changes to Venue accessibility or availability
  • Climatic conditions affecting venue, travel, etc.
  • Insufficient client bookings to justify holding the Session (see Session Attendance)

Session Cancellations

Clients will be informed of any changes to sessions by email at the earliest possible time.  Where an email has not been provided Mind Body Moment will attempt to contact via the telephone number provided.

Session Fees

Mind Body Moment may increase session fees at any time. Clients will be informed not less than 14 days prior to any such increases.

Clients are encouraged to double opt in to the Class Information and Updates emails list, serviced by MailChimp, to receive such information

Booking and Prepayments

All sessions must be pre-booked and pre-paid.

Booking and pre-payment instructions are listed on or by request from

No contract will exist in relation to Session Booking until Mind Body Moment has confirmed to you by email the particulars of your booking including the session details and fee paid.

Prepayment Refunds

Mind Body Moment adheres to a strict “No Refund” policy for Session fees.

A refund will only be provided if Mind Body Moment cancels a Session and there is no alternative available.

Refunds will not be provided for failure to attend the Session or for late arrivals (see Session Attendance)

Rescheduling a booking

You may move your booking to an alternative Session, providing there is space, and you do so within:

  • 3 calendar months from the date payment was received by Mind Body Moment, and
  • 48 hours before the start time of the selected alternative Session

If you do so after the above then you will forfeit your prepayment.

Passing Over a Booking

Clients may pass over a booking but only with express permission from

Session Attendance

The following conditions are stated out of respect and consideration for the teacher and fellow clients

Attendance: minimum & maximums

Due to the nature of Mind Body Moment’s content & training structure and for the client safety the following Sessions minimum & maximum pre-booked numbers are:

Session Maximum Minimum
Welcome 121: 1 1
Mind Body Moment Class: 8* 2
* Venue space permitting see Session booking information

Session Timeliness

All sessions will start on time, lateness will not be tolerated. The venue door may be locked once the session has started.

Safety & Security

Clients are advised to place all their valuables in a safe place within the practice area.

All outdoor footwear is to be removed and not worn in the practice area.

No crockery, glass or anything breakable is permitted in the practice area.

No food is to be consumed within the practice area.

Whilst water is allowed in the practice area, to avoid spilling water clients are advised to bring their water in a spill proof bottle.   Any water spillage must be mopped up immediately

Mobile devices, including phones, must be switched off during the practice


If clients have verrucae or similar foot complaints, please ensure that you have appropriate foot covering to avoid spreading the condition.

Clients are requested that their bodies, clothing and personal equipment smell neutral, i.e. no strong body odours or perfumes / deodorants.


Clients are requested to wear clothing that preserves their dignity throughout the full range of movement but allows for body alignment to be visible.


Mind Body Moment will provide yoga mats, yoga blocks and exercise bands – all are regularly cleaned.

Clients will be required to bring additional props / aids as agreed at their Welcome 121

Clients are permitted to bring their own equipment, but must arrive early for their Session in order to set up

Clients may use suitable towel or travel yoga mat to cover the yoga mat.

Client Communication

It is the client’s responsibility to supply Mind Body Moment with your correct information on the Registration form

Should there be any changes to the information supplied then the Client must inform Mind Body Moment of the changes.


Mind Body Moment will provide Session Information and Updates via an email using MailChimp.

Clients are advised to use MailChimp’s double Opt-in to ensure that you do not miss this email.

Check Spam / Junk Emails: please ensure that you have added to your email account address book to avoid emails moving into Junk or Spam folders.  Mind Body Moment advises that you regularly check your spam or junk folders.

Mind Body Moment will telephone or send texts to clients only in relation to Session Information and Updates

Website & Social Media

The list is not exhaustive and will be updated as and when required.

Website ( is regularly updated. 

The website is an information site providing information about Mind Body Moment and provides access to downloadable documents such as:

    • Website Terms & Conditions
    • Privacy & Cookies Policy
    • Privacy Notice
    • Mind Body Moment’s Registration Form, and
    • Mind Body Moment Class Terms & Conditions (this document)

Facebook ( is regularly updated.

Twitter ( is regularly updated

Updated Wednesday 1st January 2020

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