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What is Yogalates™

Yogalates™ was developed in the 1990's by Louise Solomon. It is the original fusion of Pilates (mat work) and Yoga (Hatha).

Yogalates™ is a very safe and effective way to gain core body strength and stability, while increasing stamina & flexibility of the mind and body.

I want to join a Mind Body Moment Class but I don’t want to do the Welcome 121 or Taster

Mind Body Moment, does not offer Mind Body Moment classes to anyone unless they have completed the Welcome 121 or a Taster class.

Due to how Janet teaches Yogalates™ it is necessary to ensure that all clients have a basic understanding of the Yogalates™ fundamentals, which are gained from either classes

Do I have to stick to the same venue?

You may change providing there is space in the class you wish to move to.

However, it is not advised to change part way through the block of Mind Body Moment Classes – best to discuss with Janet

What equipment do I need?

Yoga Mats, blocks & exercise bands will be provided (all are regularly cleaned).

It is advisable to bring a blanket, hand towel, small cushion and water.

Other props and aids will be determined at your Welcome 121

If you wish to bring your own equipment you will be very welcome but you must ensure that you arrive early to set up.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing that you can move around in easily.

I suggest clothing that hug the body (to check body alignment during the exercises) and will remain in position during movement. Watch for seams & labels that may 'dig in'

Bare feet is preferable but if you suffer with cold feet or infections, etc. you can wear socks (with grips).

Are there any other dates/ time or venues?

Current locations, dates & times are listed on the website.

If you subscribe to the Newsletter. You will be kept informed of Mind Body Moment updates

Do I have to pre-pay?

Yes because

  1. It will confirm your place
  2. It will ensure that the classes are neither over nor under subscribed i.e. MBM Classes (min2/max 8)
  3. Class starts can be several delayed when dealing with cash or cheque payments
  4. Security

Please see class terms and conditions

When do you run Courses / Classes?

Mind Body Moment holds classes on Monday evenings & Tuesday mornings see website for schedules

There are plans to add classes, when suitable venues become available, on 

  • Monday mornings
  • Tuesday afternoons
  • Thursday afternoons
  • (Friday evenings and Sunday mornings)
  • Online Classes

Mind Body Moment classes (4 x 90 min) run during "Suffolk School Term" times
Tasters and Workshops run during holidays, as demand requires

If you subscribe to the Newsletter, you will be kept informed of Mind Body Moment updates

I see you have a No-Refund Policy but what if I can't attend once I've pre-paid?

Please refer to Mind Body Moment's Class Terms & Conditions for full details - section 2.

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